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21 November 2005 @ 06:47 pm
I grow restless, yet I am reluctant to leave when Konoha is in need of protection. With people soon to arrive in Konoha, we are needed in this village more than ever. Some shinobi, however, are being sent on missions. I long to go, but I will not whenI can offer more while staying.
19 November 2005 @ 07:46 am
I found time to enjoy tea with Lee several days ago. It is good to have that time, and I can thank my injuries for such time. I am not on a break, not at all, but I am being given a short time to rest and build up strength as long as I am not needed. However, that time has come to an end, I think.

I am going out in a few minutes to get updated information from Hokage-sama. I want to see if we have any up to date reports.
19 November 2005 @ 07:39 am

Hinata-sama wants to abolish the use of the juin jutsu on the branch family. Part of me screams that this is a good thing, and to let her do this. The larger part of me, however, has been so thoroughly trained to protect Hinata-sama that I will give my life for her, seal or no seal. That same part of me recognizes that there is a specific reason that, long ago, this curse was used to seal the branch family members. Though I will die for her, those after me may not be so willing to die for the main family, not without having that seal to control them.

I must speak to her about this again, and try to reason with her. Yesterday, we argued. It was odd that I, who am cursed, argued that the seal is something needed, while she, who has total control over me, argued that it needed to be erased from the Hyuuga family.

Hiashi-sama is urging me to marry. He spoke to me, and shared his concerns about the future of the Hyuuga family. The branch line must continue. He also expressed his need for Hinata-sama to marry, to reproduce, and to bring more main family members into this world.

I wanted to tell him that marriage is not something that should be forced, nor is childbearing, but I simply nodded, and agreed. In the end, he cannot force us, and there are others to carry on the line. Hinata-sama, however, just happens to be the eldest child of her generation in the main family, and the responsibility falls onto her shoulders.

She and I trained together yesterday. I was working on overcoming the pain associated with my injuries, and she hit a weak point. Instead of pressing her advantage, she stopped to make certain that I was okay. Only Hinata-sama would do something like that. I would call her weak, but there was nothing weak about her yesterday. Lee's words echoed through my mind as we fought. I admitted to Hinata-sama that she was doing well. I encouraged her with words, and she responded by trying even harder.

She insisted on walking me home when we finished. I admit that I was tired, but I would have been fine going alone. However, I invited her to eat with me, and she did. It was...dare I say nice? It was nice to have her company. She has changed much, and I think it is partially due to the recent events in Konoha. She is maturing and realizing that some things must be done, whether liked or not. One of those is that you must always be willing to kill your enemy.

I plan to take more of my spare time and spend it with her, training. She has improved an inch...and I plan to take her the full yard. My days will now be completely filled. It is fine, it is what I need.
14 November 2005 @ 10:46 am
I questioned Uchiha about something which I will not mention here, and his answers left me unhappy. However, I believe we may have formed a compromise...and he will speak to someone else about that which I questioned. If he does not, then I will go to Hokage-sama with my concerns.

I must see Kakashi, for many reasons. There is no one else with whom i can discuss these things.

Right now, however, I think that I should check on Lee and TenTen.
13 November 2005 @ 02:48 pm
I'm back in Konoha. I slept for almost twenty-four hours, interrupted only by the visit of Kakashi. I asked him the question that has been eating at me for over one week, and I got answers that I am not happy with. I must question this in more detail.

01 November 2005 @ 07:48 pm

I haven't spoken with Kakashi in two weeks. I'm not surprised, not really...it's fine. Working for Konoha is far more important that spending time visiting with others. In fact, I have started putting in extra hours...though fear not, I do occasionally break for much needed rest. I spend that time meditating, clearning my mind and preparing for what I must do every day.
30 October 2005 @ 11:02 am
The two men that I captured slightly less than two weeks ago commited suicide last night. I am suspicious. Why wait that long before dying? I fear they may have been relaying information to our enemy, though I am not certain how they would do such a thing under heavy guard. However, I am distrustful by nature, and I plan to discuss it with Hokage-sama.
18 October 2005 @ 07:47 pm
Eighteen hours per day on most days... I'm not sure what's worse...too much idle time, or too little. Right now, I'd rather be dedicating my time to protecting Konoha...so in this situation, too little idle time is good. However, I would prefer that not be necessary.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing to be found.
12 October 2005 @ 06:45 pm

Uchiha has returned to Konoha. I found him, tracked him through the country until I caught up with him. He seemed as if he would be non-combative, but then, he ran. He threw his kunai at me, surely knowing it would be of no use. After a short talk, he agreed to return.

Hokage-sama went to him yesterday, escorted by me and one other of ANBU. Uchiha was being far too difficult for her liking, and she ordered me to find Morino-san. She was going to have him question Uchiha, but after the order, Uchiha was surprisingly forthcoming. Hokage-sama signaled for me to stay, and the questioning continued.

It seems that he was held by Orochimaru for some time, apparently against his will. He claims he escaped, and has been running ever since, with no apparent destination. Hokage-sama said that if he chooses to leave, and not help Konoha, she will send hunters after him. She was quite serious, but I find that I agree with what she said. If he leaves, he deserves to die. We do not need him running, embarrassing Konoha.

I spoke to Kakashi last night, and neither of us are happy with the way Hokage-sama is handling the investigation of the deaths. I am afraid that she will bring more trouble to Konoha, but she is a very stubborn woman.

ANBU is patrolling Konoha at all hours, quietly watching for signs of trouble. We fear that soon, we will find dead inside the village walls.
09 October 2005 @ 10:33 am
Hokage-sama has been sending a few of us out to search for evidence of intruding shinobi. So far, I have only found definite traces left by the shinobi of Konoha. But then...there have also been no deaths in the last several days. I am certain that we will find the personal responsible for this. I would like to say that we only need to be patient, but how patient can one be when people are dying?

Kakashi and I spoke of approaching Hokage-sama about a few issues, and we went to her together. However, she is adamant in her decision. It seems that the investigation will go on as originally planned.